Bayview Festival

June 9 - August 18, 2017

Singer Auditions


1. Apply Online

All applications, whether live or recorded, are done at their website. Login or membership is NOT necessary for applicants. In order to save our applicants time and money, no materials will be accepted by postal mail.

Click to apply.

2. Choose an Audition Site

Live Auditions will be held in the following cities this year. Deadline to apply for live audition is generally 7 days prior to the audition date, presuming audition slots are available.

Online Auditions - At Your Convenience (Deadline Feb. 4)

New York City - Sat. Jan. 21
Chicago, IL- Sat. Jan. 21
Bloomington, IN - Sat. Jan. 21 
Ann Arbor, MI - Sat. Jan. 21
Columbus, OH - Sat. Jan. 21 
Lexington, KY- Sat. Jan. 28 

Online Auditions are also possible and are given full consideration.  Deadline for online auditions is February 4, 2017.

All applicants must use YAPtracker online submission system as above.

3. Choose What to Sing

In short, two contrasting arias, one in English, one in Italian, plus a third piece of your choice. Present that which shows off your vocal quality, stage presence, and artistic ability. You are more than welcome to sing a song/aria from Evita or La Cenerentola if interested in a role in one of those shows. More details by clicking on Conservatory, then Voice program, and Application.