Bayview Festival

June 9 - August 18, 2017

Support Courses

Curriculum (varies by program)

Private Lessons
Student Artists enroll for private study with a member of the Bay View faculty. Students may wish to contact teachers prior to the beginning of the season to discuss repertoire and goals for the summer.

Mainstage Opera
The Bay View Opera offers peak performance training and experience within a six-week workshop setting. Emphasis will be placed on the exercising of operatic craft: character, motivation, movement and recitative. The Opera will be performed in four performances given at Petoskey High School - All will be with orchestra and original language.

SOARS Program
This two-week intensive can be enjoyed a la carte or as a precursor to the opera program, it features the opportunity to perform several opera scenes & arias in several cities around northwest Michigan as the culmination of the experience, as well as a recording session to create a demo for your auditioning purposes.

Art Song Class
Designed as an important supplement to the training provided singers through the opera, this workshop is geared toward increasing one's repertoire, knowledge of diction, performance practice, and essentials that go into preparing a concert. This culminates in a public concert.

Acting Class
This is an opportunity to work with our stage directors in a slightly different context. This program focuses on the development of fundamental acting skills including improvisation, movement, sensory exercises, score/libretto analysis, and audition preparation

Thriving in the Arts
This course will help young artists develop options and methods for building a successful professional career. Bay View Music Faculty will lead a series of seminars on topics including (but not limited to) role preparation, free lancing, organizing a private studio, employment skills and mock auditions for opera/musical theatre, self and professional management and grant writing.

Festival Chorus
Directed by Chris Ludwa, the Festival Chorus has a Thursday and Sunday evening rehearsal and a Sunday evening performance at Vespers. All Student Artists are required to participate in the Festival Chorus, as it helps build your resume as a professional section leader, a position many students and post-graduates will have before The Met calls.